Press room

Here, you’ll find press releases (both the latest and earlier ones), and pictures featuring our business and our staff, as well as El-Kretsen's logotype. Please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions.

Press Liaison Officer

Mårten Sundin
Head of Marketing
Phone: +46-8-545 216 85

Press releases
Here you'll find our press releases in English. For more press releases please see our Swedish website.
Press photos and logotypes
This is our collection of press photos and logotypes. For questions on how these may be used, please contact El-Kretsen’s press liaison officer.

Press photos
Press photos of Martin Seeger, MD; Mårten Sundin, Head of Marketing; as well as photos depicting our business. These press photos may be used freely in conjunction with a reference to El-Kretsen. Photographer: Adam af Ekenstam

El-Kretsen's logotype
El-Kretsen’s logotype may be used in co-operation with El-Kretsen. Please contact us before using.