Producer responsibility and distance selling

Does your company sell electronic products to users in another EU country and/or do you have a foreign company within EU, selling electronic products directly to users in Sweden?

If so, you are comprised by the Directive on Producer Responsibility and needs to appoint an Authorized Representative in the country where you sell the products.

Producer obligations

  • Collect old equipment that is replaced by similar new products from you.

  • Mark the products with a crossed bin.

  • See to that the product is manufactured in a way that makes recycling as easily as possible.

  • Registration at the environmental authorities, the Swedish EPA (Naturvårdsverket), and on a yearly basis report put on market, collected and recycled to them.

  • If your products are consumer electronics, you need to affiliate to a nationally approved collection system.

Most electronic products are comprised by the definition of Producer Responsibility.

El-Kretsen is a nationally approved collection system in Sweden. We offer the service Authorized Representative for our foreign clients. By that, registration and reporting to the Swedish EPA is included. When affiliated to us you can refer your clients to leave their waste electronics free of charge at nearest collection point.


To WEEE Europe's websitelänk till ny sida

If you are a Swedish company selling to other EU countries: more info about country specific regulations.

To The Swedish EPA's website.länk till ny sida

Information from the Swedish EPA, about Producer Responsibility and Authorized Representative.

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