Repayment 2020


In mid-March, many of El-Kretsen's customers received a refund from El-Kretsen. The credit is available when paying the next invoice. The credit is available on the payment of the next invoice. Would you rather have the amount refunded, please contact with your bank giro number and possibly also a reference.

Repayment facts

The repayment is a result of El-Kretsen's work to develop cost-effective solutions for our customers. We are a small organization that handles large volumes and that, in collaboration with our suppliers, transporters and recyclers, managed to keep handling costs low, while generating a profit from the sale of the collected material.

It is impossible to predict how world market prices for raw materials will vary over a year. To balance its fluctuations, we charge environmental fees for the products. At the end of the year, we can compare revenue (environmental fees plus sold material) against expenses (collection, recycling). As a profit-neutral company, no dividend is paid to owners, but instead the surplus is paid back to our customers. The amount repaid is proportional to what each company has paid, in the form of fees, during the year.

As a collection system that is subject to a permit, El-Kretsen is obliged to continuously maintain a guarantee of satisfactory solvency. This is to fulfill our obligations to customers and authorities even in the event of unexpected changes in the raw materials market or other external circumstances. Each product group carries its share of this guarantee in our balance sheet, proportionate to the costs they are expected to generate. If a product group makes deficits, it must first rebuild its guarantee level before any repayments.