Sustainability Policy

El-Kretsen contributes to sustainable development by collecting and recycling WEEE and batteries in line with the producer responsibility legislation. This recovery and recycling of valuable resources reduces the use of virgin materials.

Through advancement of knowledge and technology, El-Kretsen propels the industry towards a circular economy. Our operation is based on applicable laws and regulations, established environmental objectives and a dialogue with our stakeholders. In this way, we meet the requirements and expectations of our customers with respect to collection and recycling at the same time as we live up to the environmental and quality demands of our other stakeholders.

Smart, Safe and Sustainable

El-Kretsen’s motto

Our objectives should be shaped in such a way that we:

  • Continuously improve the quality of our business
  • Continuously take mitigating action to reduce our environmental impact

We achieve this by:

  • Involving our colleagues and partners and providing the prerequisite conditions for them to carry out their responsibilities
  • Developing our processes through constant improvement, which enables us to prevent adverse effects on the environment, deficient quality and work-related injury
  • Using educational material and workshops to increase internal and external awareness and competence
  • Pursuing sustainable solutions for our business via Research and Development
  • Working together with our stakeholders to develop and together improve the collection chain as a whole
  • Implementing routines that ensure that collection and recycling regulations are adhered to

El-Kretsen’s management strives to make sure that this policy is communicated, understood, implemented and adhered to throughout the organisation. Our motto is: Smart, Safe and Sustainable.

Download the Sustainability Policy as a PDF.