If you are a battery producer:

Producer responsibility extends to all batteries (separate as well as built-in). Consequently, producers whose main business is selling products where batteries are included as a minor part also have producer responsibility. The ordinance covers consumer-, industry- and car batteries. We handle all kinds of loose batteries, and now we can also provide a collection system for industrial batteries, for example Lithium-ion batteries for cars. Unlike small batteries, we charge for the industrial battery once it is recycled.

Battery producers need to be part of a national collection system but there is an exception for producers of small amounts. However, these producers still have to report to the Swedish EPA and provide annual information on amounts sold.

Exception apply to those with less than:

  • 1 kg Hg batteries/year
  • 2 kg Cd batteries/year
  • 250 kg Pb batteries if each battery weighs more than 3 kg/year
  • 100 kg Pb batteries if each battery weighs less than 3 kg/year
  • 50 kg other batteries/year

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