Electrical and electronic products are divided into six categories:

  1. Temperature control equipment

  2. Monitors

  3. Lamps

  4. Large equipment

  5. Small equipment

  6. Small IT and telecommunications equipment

El-Kretsen also has a category for batteries.

If you’re not certain of which category a particular product belongs to, you can look in El-Kretsen’s Product Library which you find in the Declaration Portal.


Every company affiliated to El-Kretsen receives a certificate to prove that they are fulfilling their producer responsibility collection condition. This certificate can be a valuable document for presentation internally or at procurement negotiations, where such documents are often requested.

The Declaration Portal

All our customers have an individual declaration portal. Here, you’ll find price lists, product libraries, in-depth information on how to declare and much more. This is also where you’ll find certificates, previously submitted declarations and statistics relevant to your company.

Environmental fee

El-Kretsen has two sources of income: one is selling collected and sorted materials and the other is the environmental fee paid by the producers. The cost of transporting, sanitising and recycling different products varies, and, as a result, the environmental fees vary between product categories. In case a product’s material value exceeds the collection and recycling costs, the excess will be paid back to you, the producer. You can find El-Kretsen’s price list in the declaration portal.


Only products put on the Swedish market are to be declared to El-Kretsen. Any products which are declared and later exported can be listed in a special export declaration, which allows you as our customer to claim compensation for the environmental fee you have paid for these. An export declaration can only be filed by the producer who actually placed the product on the market. If the product has been exported through a third party, the exporter has to discuss the possible repayment of environmental fees with the producer. An export declaration must be made within six months of the sale.

If you engage in distance commerce and sell your products directly to customers in another EU country, you should not declare these products to El-Kretsen. You do, however, need to have a producer representative.

If you need any help with what regulations apply in other countries, or if you need to involve a third party to get affiliated to declare amounts in other countries, there are many consultants who can help you. At El-Kretsen, we recommend that you get in touch with our own umbrella organization WEEE Europe.

Financial guarantee

Between 2005 and 2015, every producer that placed consumer equipment on the market had to have a financial guarantee. This was a financial assurance that the product could be handed in and recycled even if the producing company was no longer in business at the time the product could be expected to become waste. As of 2016, this responsibility has been redirected to us as the collecting system.


The term “import” also covers other EU countries. In other words, a “producer” is anyone who imports to Sweden a product or a battery which is covered by the Ordinance – regardless of which country the product comes from.


EEE and batteries has to be labelled with a crossed-out wheeled bin.

Click here to download the crossed-out wheeled bin symbol as an EPS or PNG file.

Newsletters and information

El-Kretsen regularly e-mails our customers new information. Such information may for example be changes in the legislation or the product list, an updated price list or an introduction to new services.

Own recycling

Affiliated companies that have, in conjunction with the sale of new products, themselves recovered and recycled products from their customers in Sweden can apply for compensation for these products.

Producer representative

According to the Ordinance on EEE, Swedish companies that engage in distance commerce and sell their products directly to customers in another EU country have to inform the Swedish EPA how the producer responsibility has been dealt with in the country concerned. Please see the EPA’s guide for more information on this.

Product library

Affiliated customers declare the products they place on the market in a declaration portal. This also features a product library, where it’s possible to look up individual products and the category they belong to.

Reporting Agreement

Those of our customers who want us to do their annual reporting to the Swedish EPA can have this service performed. Anyone who has signed an Affiliation Agreement with El-Kretsen, whether it be for products or batteries or both, can also sign up for the additional Reporting Agreement totally free of charge.

Reporting to the Swedish EPA

Every year, the Swedish EPA wants to know how much you, our customer, has placed on the market. If you deal in EEE other than consumer EEE, the EPA also wants to know how much you have collected and how you have dealt with the collected products. If you are affiliated to El-Kretsen and have signed our Reporting Agreement, we do that reporting for you, free of charge. On your declaration portal, you will find your report for the last year, listing the amounts you have sold, collected and treated.