Industrial and Electric Vehicle Batteries

- A New Collection System Takes Shape

In 2009, Producer Responsibility was extended to include batteries, and almost overnight we took over the collection and recycling responsibility for all small household batteries. Since then, development has led to that an increasing number of larger batteries, so-called industrial batteries, are being used outside of professional settings. One example is electric vehicle batteries, that immediately must be collected and taken care of when they are worn out. This has led to a need for a national collection system for the larger batteries as well.

El-Kretsen provides a sustainable collection solution for the new generation’s industrial batteries. This means that we help the producer to meet both the regulatory requirements as well as logistical and environmental challenges. Our collection solution is based on battery producers being connected to El-Kretsen. Unlike small batteries and electronics, you are not billed until the industrial battery is processed for recycling. As a customer, you have the possibility to participate in shaping the system per your needs. This way, you can always keep track of expenses and control how you want to handle your batteries. You are not locked up in a system and do not have to tie up capital for future recycling.

Please contact El-Kretsen’s Battery Manager Kristina Eriksson for more information.