Serving businesses since 2001

Do you have producer responsibility? In short, everyone who places electrical equipment on the Swedish market does, whether they manufacture or import the products. “Producer responsibility” means that anyone who places a product on the market is also responsible for making sure that the product is recycled in an environmentally sustainable way once it becomes waste. In 2001, El-Kretsen started helping companies achieve this goal, and we now assist more than 1700 affiliated companies. We advise and support you in your role as producer, as well as assist you with waste handling and recycling.

A smart and sustainable society

Every year, El-Kretsen collects some 150,000 tonnes of electrical and electronic waste. Our business obviously rests on a legislative foundation, but what really drives us is the thought of creating a smarter, safer and more sustainable world. This vision we feel we share with the entire Swedish industry.

Properly handling metals, plastics and chemical substances is a complicated procedure which requires knowledge and resources not every producer can be expected to house on-site – but together, we’ll deal with it. If you are affiliated to El-Kretsen, we’ll take care of the practicalities and make sure you comply with current legislation concerning WEEE collection and recycling, leaving you to focus on your real mission: producing and selling your products.

We collect everything with batteries or a lead

All electrical products which are placed on the Swedish market must be collected and recycled in a sustainable manner, and it falls upon the producers to make sure this happens. Virtually everything powered by a lead or a battery is covered by the Ordinance. As the legislation is based on an EU Directive, all EU countries have passed similar laws at a national level. The minimum requirements are stated in the EU Directive, but national differences do occur. In Sweden, the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency serves as the national supervisory body to which the annual amounts are to be reported.

How to affiliate

By signing an affiliation agreement for products and/or batteries you become a part of our national collection system. Our clients report on a monthly- or quarterly basis what has been sold onto the Swedish market. Producers within Sweden and EU also need to register to the Swedish EPA, Naturvårdsverket. Battery producers and producers of professional EEE report what has been put on market and what has been collected. Producers of consumer EEE only needs to report put on market. El-Kretsen offer to handle your yearly reporting towards the EPA free of charge if you sign a Reporting agreement.

As a client you will get access to a declaration portal where we have collected all necessary information. Newsletters, pricelist, a product library, certificates, your old declarations and statistic is all in one place.

Authorized representative

Foreign producers need to appoint an authorized representative in Sweden. El-Kretsen offers the service and for these clients we will also handle the registration and the yearly reporting to the EPA. For that service please print and send us the two documents: Agreement regarding authorised representative and Power of attorney.

Producer responsibility in other countries

Are you in charge of the declarations for more than one country, or does your company deal with distance sales to an end-user in another EU country? Differing national legislation and collection systems can make keeping track of the various regulations and costs that apply a difficult and time-consuming task, but our umbrella organization Weee-Europe can inform you of what applies outside Sweden. If you sign an additional agreement, they can also administer declarations to several countries. Welcome to our one-stop-shop solution for Europe!

Together, we have created the world’s best national collection system

As an expert on WEEE, El-Kretsen constitutes an important cog in the system. However, many others also do significant work to reduce the pressure on the environment, ranging from Swedish citizens who sort and recycle their waste, to the government, which, through the Swedish EPA, makes sure the regulations regarding environmental impact are observed. In between are others who are experts at what they do, like the municipalities and transport companies, and together we make Sweden one of the world’s most efficient recycling nations.

Our municipalities make it possible

El-Kretsen has agreements with all of Sweden’s 290 municipalities. The agreements were made possible thanks to El-Retur, a joint venture between El-Kretsen, Sweden’s municipalities and Avfall Sverige (the Swedish Waste Management Association). The collection system we have created is based on committed involvement and dedication throughout every stage, and thanks to the Swedish municipalities, we now have a nationwide network for the collection of electrical and electronic waste.

Sweden has around 600 municipal recycling centres and every municipality also has 3-4 additional collection systems where households are invited to discard unwanted electrical equipment. Such additional systems may for example be collection points in densely populated areas or travelling collection lorries. Moreover, there are some 10,000 battery collection boxes. The municipal involvement means that the entire Swedish population is covered. This makes us all part of the collection system in a smart, simple and safe way.