Join the best national collection system for electronic waste in the world

Yes we really can say that we are no 1. As an affiliate you will get a partner that takes on the whole producer responsibility. We assemble an annual report of what you brought to the market and what has been collected and handled. Of course the reporting to the EPA is included.

As part of our national collection system you can feel safe that you are fulfilling your producer responsibility and that the collection and handling of waste is made in the best possible way for the environment.

We take care of your producer responsibility concerning consumer equipment

The rules and regulations differ depending on if the electronic or electric equipment is for consumer or professional use.

Consumer equipment is products most commonly used in the home and that someday will become household waste. It’s the function that determine the classification. For example all computers and TVs are classified as consumer electronics independent of where they are being used.

As a producer of consumer equipment you have to be part of a nationally approved collection system, mark your products and send an annual report to the EPA. El-Kretsen will help you with your entire producer responsibility and guide you with knowledge and counselling to assure that your company is prepared for any eventual updates to the regulations.

The easy option for professional equipment

Any electronic equipment that isn’t classified as consumer equipment is summarized as professional equipment. For example equipment used at hospitals or in industrial work that is covered by the directive.

As a producer of professional equipment you may choose to be part of a nationally approved collection system or handle the producer responsibility on your own. The mandatory responsibility includes annual reporting to the EPA containing what products you have released on the Swedish market, how much of your used products has been collected as waste and how that waste has been handled. If you instead choose to sign up as an affiliate of El-Kretsen we will do all of that for you. Which makes it a lot easier for you.

Together, we have created the world’s best national collection system

As an expert on WEEE, El-Kretsen constitutes an important cog in the system. However, many others also do significant work to reduce the pressure on the environment, ranging from Swedish citizens who sort and recycle their waste, to the government, which, through the Swedish EPA, makes sure the regulations regarding environmental impact are observed. In between are others who are experts at what they do, like the municipalities and transport companies, and together we make Sweden one of the world’s most efficient recycling nations.

Our municipalities make it possible

El-Kretsen has agreements with all of Sweden’s 290 municipalities. The agreements were made possible thanks to El-Retur, a joint venture between El-Kretsen, Sweden’s municipalities and Avfall Sverige (the Swedish Waste Management Association). The collection system we have created is based on committed involvement and dedication throughout every stage, and thanks to the Swedish municipalities, we now have a nationwide network for the collection of electrical and electronic waste.

Sweden has around 600 municipal recycling centres and every municipality also has 3-4 additional collection systems where households are invited to discard unwanted electrical equipment. Such additional systems may for example be collection points in densely populated areas or travelling collection lorries. Moreover, there are some 10,000 battery collection boxes. The municipal involvement means that the entire Swedish population is covered. This makes us all part of the collection system in a smart, simple and safe way.

Our customer value proposition

We offer a variety of services to you as a producer of electronic equipment. Combined they cover every aspect of your producer responsibility. This includes:

  • Combined reports of production and collection.
  • Reporting to the EPA.
  • Counseling regarding producer responsibility and environmentally correct handling of weee.
  • A non-profit partner that pays back any excess profit to our clients.
  • A safe system that maximise the environmental gain and minimise wastage.
  • Information and support regarding new rules and regulations surrounding producer responsibility, product marking and recycling.