The Swedish EPA – supervising and developing

The Swedish EPA is the authority responsible for making sure that the legislation regarding producer responsibility is upheld and that the collection system works – in short, that Sweden achieves the minimum objectives stipulated in the EU Directive. The EPA also compiles statistical reports which are presented to the government and the EU.

As the supervisory authority, the EPA strives to ensure that those producers covered by the Ordinance on WEEE are registered in the EE and battery registers respectively, and that these companies are also affiliated to an approved collection system if they place consumer electronics on the Swedish market.

Those of our customers who have signed our reporting agreements do not have to report to the EPA themselves. El-Kretsen does the annual reporting for them and the service is entirely free of charge.

Remember – even if your company is one of El-Kretsen’s affiliated customers, you as a producer also need to register with the Swedish EPA. This is easily done on Naturvårdsverket's website.