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Our task One of the fastest-growing waste categories in the EU is electronic products – in 2020, this is expected to have reached over 12 million tonnes per year. The concept of “producer responsibility” was introduced in 2001, and this means that all companies that sell...

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El-Kretsen AB Box 1357 SE-111 83 Stockholm Sweden Visit El-Kretsen: Klara Norra Kyrkogata 31See map E-mail: General questions: Logistics questions: Financial questions: Phone: +46 8-545 212 90 Fax: +...

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Press room

Here, you’ll find press releases (both the latest and earlier ones), pictures featuring our business and our staff, collection statistics and annual reports, El-Kretsen’s logotype as well as other relevant symbols in down-loadable format. Please feel free to get in touch if...

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