Worldclass recycling

Working jointly with the 290 municipalities in Sweden, some 20 transport carriers and approximately 30 recycling stations gives us control over the entire recycling cycle. El-Kretsen is a nationally approved collection system, which means that we guarantee efficient and environmentally sound handling of your
electrical and electronic waste.

One system handles everything

Thousands of collection points all over Sweden

In Sweden, the municipalities have been made responsible for a comprehensive collection system. This includes different kinds of recycling stations for WEEE, for example stationary local ones and mobile ones. El-Kretsen administers the collection of waste from the municipal sites and from the approximately 5,000 battery boxes under our control, and our specialized transport carriers then transport the waste to one of our recycling sites.

Private individual or business? We collect from everyone

Our system handles all existing kinds of WEEE, but the collection process looks different depending on whether the waste is made up of consumer products or not. Consumer products are collected through the municipal collection system, El-Kretsen’s battery boxes or via retailers. If you are a private individual, you can find out more about where to hand in your used electrical or electronic products on the website

If you run a business, there will be at least one collection point in your municipality where you can hand in your WEEE. If the business is large enough to handle its own WEEE, it may qualify as a collection point in its own right. If so, our transport carriers will collect the WEEE and batteries.

Collection of large industrial batteries from i.e. electric vehicles involves several circumstances to take into account. This type of batteries often weighs hundreds of kilos and can be very flammable if not handled with caution. For that reason, an experienced workshop needs to dismantle the battery from the machine or vehicle. As a client you order a pickup through our Battery Portal. Through the Battery Portal we provide you with guidance to place the order and we always ensure that the battery will be transported in approved packaging.

Battery boxes (5,000)

Recycling centres (600)

Recycling sites (30)

Local recycling points (1,500 000)

Approved pickup locations for industrial batteries (100)

Our experts recycle

When the WEEE has been collected, it is transported to our recyclers, all of whom are experts in their field. This is where the actual recycling takes place: the WEEE is transformed from waste products to raw materials by being dismantled, sorted and shredded. The recyclers manually remove batteries and other environmentally hazardous components before finally sorting everything according to type of material.

Requirements and certifications

In addition to adhering to the applicable legislation on the handling of WEEE, co-operation across national borders is important to ensure that the correct procedures are followed. We follow European certification standards which means that we want more countries and businesses speaking the same language and following the same regulations when it comes to WEEE. This will not only facilitate administration, but also encourage more companies to place demands upon those treating and recycling materials – all of which will result in safer handling and a better environment.

Would you like to know more about certifications and security tools? Please click here.

Safe handling

El-Kretsen’s system puts an end to illegal exportation and makes sure resources are used to their full potential.

Our business focus is the environment. By recycling electrical and electronic waste, we prevent hazardous waste and plastics from ending up in nature at the same time as we bring about new raw materials. This system saves energy as well as natural resources. Sweden is a recycling world-leader, but the handling of WEEE differs widely across the world. For this reason, we’ve made securing our own flows and stopping illegal exportation one of our main focus areas.