Exports and Distance sales from Sweden

Producer responsibility is something that exists in all European countries. What differs between countries is the legislation around it and how the WEEE is handled. A Swedish distributer who has exported some of the products bought from a producer can contact the producer and reclaim the environmental fee. In this case, the producer can file an export declaration with El-Kretsen to receive a refund of the fees they have already paid.

If your company sells EEE direct to end users in another EU country, you are covered by the producer responsibility of that country. The rules may vary, but the basic approach is the same: you join a collection system (if you deal in consumer equipment) and appoint a legal representative in that country (also known as an Authorised Representative.)

To facilitate this, El-Kretsen and the collection systems of many other European countries have formed a joint enterprise, WEEE Europe. This organisation can help you find out what regulations and agreements apply in different countries. It also offers the service of filing your declarations for all countries in the same portal.