Information responsibility

Ordinance SFS 2022:1276 contains paragraphs concerning the information responsibility of Producer Responsibility Organisations (PRO’s), Municipalities, Producers and the Swedish Environmental Protection Authority (EPA).
Being a PRO, El-Kretsen provides information in accordance with legal and company-specific requirements. We also engage in collaborations with Swedish municipalities, arrange other activities and identify new channels to reach all our target groups. Below is a list of the requirements of PRO’s and producers, accompanied by pointers to where this information can also be found.

The following information should be made available by producer responsibility organisations

§ 65 On its website, an approved producer responsibility organisation should make available information stating the following:

1. Who owns the producer responsibility organisation

2. Which producers have made use of the producer responsibility organisation

3. How the compensation charged to each producer is calculated, stating either the amount in SEK per electrical item sold, or the number of kilograms of electrical equipment placed on the Swedish market

4. The basis on which the producer responsibility organisation selects its waste-handling subcontractors

5. How the operations of the producer responsibility organisation contribute to reaching the recycling targets mentioned in §§ 24-27

§ 66 An approved producer responsibility organisation should take measures to inform WEEE owners of the following:

1. The advantages of reusing EEE or taking alternative waste-reducing measures

2. The obligation to keep WEEE separate from other kinds of waste, and & 3. The reason for keeping WEEE separate from other kinds of waste

4. Where households can deposit their WEEE

5. The possibilities available for recycling WEEE and what positive impact this will have on the environment

6. How a producer responsibility organisation can make sure that both the collection and treatment of WEEE is handled in a safe way – including the aspect of any personal information that may be stored locally in discarded electronics

7. The importance of reducing littering


In addition to our co-operation project with Swedish municipalities, El-Kretsen also spreads information in other ways and through other channels

  • On our own website and in our newsletters.
  • The Sustainability Library ( is a public info hub channel for motivating and informing people about WEEE and sustainability.
  • Bamse comic books: We publish and distribute classroom sets of a special edition of the Swedish comic Bamse (in Swedish only). It focuses on batteries and is aimed at children aged 5-9. To order it, please visit the Swedish version of Kunskapsrummet Avaliable at Kunskapsrummet.
  • On social media: On LinkedIn we target companies, and to reach the wider public we use TikTok and YouTube where you’ll find us under “El-Kretsen informerar”.
    Our YouTube channel has been divided into different sections. There are tutorial films for recycling centre employees and others who work for El-Kretsen as well as information campaigns aimed at the general public (on International E-Waste Day, for example).
    The reason for using TikTok is to be able to reach and motivate coming generations (in Swedish only).
  • To reach school children aged 10-12, El-Kretsen has an on-going collaboration with Natur & Miljöboken (“A Book on Nature and the Environment”), which comes in three parts. Every year, this trilogy reaches some 500,000 children and the third book contains a chapter on WEEE and the circular economy (in Swedish only).
  • El-Kretsen is also involved in providing information for the website The major advantage of this website is that here people can find all the available information on all kinds of waste in one and the same place.

The information a producer has to make available

§ 76 A producer should motivate owners of WEEE to sort and handle their WEEE separately from other kinds of waste

§ 79 A producer who places new kinds of electrical or electronic equipment on the European Union market must be sure to provide information on the following:

§ 80 On their website, a producer must make information available on how they contribute towards reaching the recycling targets mentioned in §§ 24-27.

§ 81 A producer who provides electrical equipment other than household consumer goods must make sure that:

§ 82 A producer who produces electrical equipment containing batteries…

§ 83 A producer must state how personal information stored locally in electrical equipment can be erased and how the equipment can be restored to factory settings.