Large household appliances

The category “Large household appliances” includes all kinds of household appliances apart from refrigerators and freezers. El-Kretsen recycles around 33,000 tonnes of large household appliances per year, the most common items being washing machines, tumble dryers, dishwashers and cookers. As technology evolves and metal prices rise, we witness a trend in these appliances towards containing less metal and more and more plastic, glass and concrete (in the shape of weights). From a production point of view this is beneficial to the environment, but at the same time it makes the products more difficult to recycle as they are now made up of a greater number of different materials which are often less valuable.

  1. The waste is weighed and registered on arrival.
  2. Hazardous components are removed and the material is crushed.
  3. The fragments are sorted into metal, glass and plastic and then forwarded for recycling.