16th of March 2023:

Repayment 2022

In the next few days, many of our customers will receive a credit note with refund/repayment for 2022. This credit invoice is not a correction of previous invoices to you, but refers to repayments to the producers who declared in product groups that received a positive result under 2022.

Please share this information with your finance department:

The invoice with repayment will not have a PO number. The invoice will state: “Refund your share of product surplus for 2022.”.

In the first instance, the credit invoice can be used to pay future invoices.
If you rarely receive an invoice that reaches up to the same amount as the credit, you can contact our finance department to get a refund to your account. Then let us know which bank details we should pay in.

And if you have any questions regarding the repayment or invoices, please contact our finance department:
+46 8-545 212 90

What does repayment of product surpluses mean?

The refund is distributed to the product groups that have a positive result, ie where the material revenues exceeded the costs for collection, transport and treatment. As a profit-neutral company, no dividend is paid to the owners. The surplus is instead distributed to our customers. On account of the large quantities of WEEE we handle, we have a strong position in negotiations with our partners. Recycling processes are becoming more and more efficient at the same time as the world market has seen a rise in the price of the materials we offer.

1st of February 2023:

Fredrik Benson takes over as acting CEO of El-Kretsen

Martin Seeger, CEO of El-Kretsen since 2012, has requested to be dismissed from his role as CEO for private reasons. The board decided on 16 January 2023 that Fredrik Benson, former deputy CEO, from 1 February 2023 will become acting CEO until further notice. Fredrik Benson has worked for El-Kretsen for many years and is well acquainted with the business both operationally and strategically. Among other things, Fredrik has been a driving force in the strategy that the company is now implementing. He now takes over the baton as ultimately responsible, partly for driving El-Kretsen’s innovative sustainability work forward, partly for continuing to lead an organization that works every day to maintain the highest level of quality, cost efficiency and, not least, ultimately environmental benefit.

Martin Seeger will remain in the organisation and assist in the work above, but in a completely new role.


Questions about this can be directed to the chairman of the board, Bo Thunberg,

Contact Fredrik:


Phone: +468-545 216 83

1 dec 2022:

El-Kretsen’s Christmas gift

This year’s Christmas gift from El-Kretsen goes to Sverige för UNHCR. UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, is a global organization dedicated to saving lives, protecting rights and building a better future for refugees, forcibly displaced communities and stateless people.

14th of October 2022:

International E-Waste Day

IEWD is the day when we – together with the rest of Europe – draw attention to the importance of recycling electronics and batteries! You can, for example, click into The Recyclable Advert and create your own recyclable commercial, where your company can stand as the sender. Fun, right?

Note! Language is Swedish, Norweigan or Danish.

19th of April 2022:

El-Kretsen’s Sustainability Report published

Now El-Kretsen’s Sustainability Report for 2021 is published in the Sustainability Library.

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Press photos

Press photos of Fredrik Benson, acting CEO, and Mårten Sundin, Head of Marketing and Communication. These press photos may be used freely in conjunction with a reference to El-Kretsen. Photographer: Adam af Ekenstam

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