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Producer responsibility is one of the tools we have available when striving towards a circular economy. El-Kretsen’s vision is for all resources stemming from electrical and electronic products and batteries to be part of the recycling loop. Since we came into existence in 2001, we have been driving the development to reach this goal. Now, we continue this journey together with our customers – the producers – and our main contribution is ensuring quality-assured handling of electrical products and batteries at the end of their useful life.

When you become one of El-Kretsen’s affiliated producers, you also become part of a nationally approved collection system for consumer electronics. This means that you can refer your end customers to us. In co-operation with all of Sweden’s municipalities we collect WEEE throughout the country, a system that is further supplemented by in-store collection.

El-Kretsen compiles the statistics relevant for each of its affiliated producers and reports this to the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). We can identify the environmental gain made by individual producers, and this information can be used by the company for its internal sustainability advancement. We believe in informing and motivating current and future decision makers as part of our producer responsibility mission, but also to act as a positive force in society. Hopefully, our educational material, films and articles on what we do and how we strive to improve further will serve to help our producers in their internal sustainability efforts and also reach a wider audience.

Taking environmental responsibility should be simple!

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Do you qualify as a “producer”?

A producer is any company that manufactures or commissions the manufacturing of electronics or batteries to be sold under their own name or trademark. Companies that import such products from other countries and make them available on the Swedish market also count as producers,

as do those who by means of distance communication sell electronics directly to users in another EU country. It is possible for foreign EU suppliers to take over the Swedish importer’s producer responsibility. In this case, the EU supplier needs to appoint a legal representative in Sweden (known as an “Authorised Representative”).

If you are merely a Swedish retailer or distributer and do not import any products or batteries yourself, you are not classed as a producer.

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Do you manufacture/have electronics and/or batteries manufactured under your own name?


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