Quality control and safety

ID labelling

El-Kretsen’s carriers (cages and boxes) are tagged with ID labels to make sure that no materials go missing through illegal exports, for example. In close co-operation with the recycling industry, we strive to develop processes to increase the proportion of materials that can be recovered and recycled. We also have a constant dialogue with authorities and research representatives both in Sweden and abroad.


We have always set demanding standards for our partners and require that they all adhere to the CECED’s (European Committee of Domestic Equipment Manufacturers) policy. In short, this ensures that all our partners follow the same ethical guidelines that ban child labour, promote fair wage setting and prevent discrimination.

To further raise the level of our performance, we also work continuously to ensure that all our suppliers are certified according to either of the two European recycling standards CENELEC or WEEELABEX. If a contractor fails to get their business certified within two years of signing up with El-Kretsen, their contract is terminated. The great advantage in this kind of certification is that the harmonised requirements facilitate comparisons between individual facilities as well as between countries. In this way, we can influence the development of recycling systems in the rest of Europe and increase the possibility of making sure that everything is done correctly.

Supplier Audits

Our suppliers provide regular feedback on relevant information such as materials, recipients and what processes the materials undergo. This enables us to follow up recycling rates and see in what facilities and countries our materials end up. This means that we are able to guarantee that none of our materials are sold untreated to countries that lack solid control systems. Every year, we check up on the suppliers that carry out material pre-treatment in order to guarantee that all our requirements are met and that the process is properly conducted.

WF-RepTool: A reporting tool

Feedback is reported via the database application WF-RepTool developed and supplied by WEEE Forum (an association of WEEE-producer responsibility organisations). WF-RepTool is a tool that enables the calculation of recycling and recovery rates in accordance with the requirements according to the WEEELABEX standard.