El-Kretsen collects

Recycling par excellence, quite simply!

El-Kretsen is a nationally approved collection system. Through its co-operation with all of Sweden’s 290 municipalities, around 15 transport companies and 30 recycling facilities, we control the entire recycling chain. This means that we can guarantee that all the electrical and electronic waste we collect is treated in an environmentally sustainable and efficient way.

The Recycling Process

In brief, the service El-Kretsen offers is the collection of electronics and battery waste (from municipal collection points, businesses and from the almost 5,000 battery bins we are responsible for) using specialised transport partners.

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The waste is transported from our pick-up points to one of our recycling facilities. This is where the real recycling takes place: where the materials go from being waste to becoming new raw materials by being taken apart, sorted and shredded. Batteries and other components that are hazardous to the environment are manually removed by the recyclers before they sort the waste according to material category.

Different processes for individuals and businesses

Electrical and electronic waste products from private individuals come under the heading of “consumer products”. This WEEE should be deposited at a municipal collection point or in one of El-Kretsen’s battery bins. Are you an individual reading this and want more information on where you can take your end-of-life products? Just look up the website sopor.nu to read about battery recycling, or check your municipality’s website for more information on WEEE.

Are you running an organisation? If so, most municipalities have a collection point where you can hand in your WEEE. If there is no collection point for organisations in your municipality, you can contact us at El-Kretsen and we will help you find the collection point nearest to you. If your organisation handles large volumes of WEEE, it is possible to sign what is known as a “service agreement”. This means that our carriers will come to your premises to collect and remove your electrical and electronic waste.