Fees and charges

El-Kretsen is a non-profit organisation owned by different trade organisations. Any surplus is redistributed to our affiliated producers. No dividends are paid to our owner organisations.

Our earnings come from the environmental fees paid by producers and from the sale of collected and recovered materials. Statistics and figures are reported to the Swedish EPA in six different WEEE categories and batteries,

But in our own pricelist you will find many more categories than that. This is to enable us to make the environmental fees reflect the actual costs involved in handling the different products. The size of monitors and screens, for example, plays an important role in the cost of both transport and recycling, and this can thus be reflected in the price list.

These fees are paid when a product is placed on the market and the money is used for the collection and treatment of the WEEE that comes in. It is not unusual for these products to be between 10 and 15 years old. This can be significant when it comes to new technology. For the collection of professional equipment, the price list cannot specify all the possible costs involved, as professional equipment can be very different from consumer WEEE both with respect to shape and volume. For this reason, the price list clarifies that a quote for the collection of professional WEEE may include charges in addition to the environmental fee.

Thanks to efficient recycling, materials can be processed and resold, which is a large part of El-Kretsen’s income.

Basic annual fees

(to be added to the environmental fees, separate price list):

Affiliation Agreement for products, WEEESEK 500
Affiliation Agreement for batteries and portable industrial batteriesSEK 250
Agreement for foreign companies that wish to appoint El-Kretsen as their Authorised Representative.SEK 5,000 (This includes the Swedish EPA’s SEK 1,000 supervisory fee)
Reporting Agreements, which means that El-Kretsen deals with the annual reporting to the Swedish EPA.SEK 0

Credit check

All applications go through a credit check. In the event that a company is refused membership, there is the option of joining if a third party, for example a consulting company, takes over the payment responsibility. Another possibility is that if the company is part of a group and the group has a good credit rating, the group can take over the producer responsibility. If the credit check shows that there is a credit value up to a certain limit, El-Kretsen may ask for additional information on estimated volumes and types of electrical products and/or batteries that are planned to be sold on the Swedish market. The same question as above together with annual accounts or similar information can be asked if there is no basis for credit information.