This is El-Kretsen

What does El-Kretsen do?

Who are El-Kretsen’s customers?

What generates El-Kretsen’s earnings?

Which are El-Kretsen’s main costs?

Producer responsibility

Which companies fall under the producer responsibility provisions?

What products give rise to producer responsibility?

What legislation governs producer responsibility?

Producers of consumer equipment and/or batteries – what requirements apply?

Producers of professional electrical or electronic equipment – what requirements apply?

Professional or consumer equipment – what is the difference?

Products, accessories and components – who declares what?

What is the cost of an El-Kretsen affiliation agreement?

What should be reported to the Swedish EPA?

I’m a producer – what information do I need to provide?

What is meant by “labelling” of products and batteries?

What is WEEE Europe?

Declaring to El-Kretsen

What’s to be declared?

What is the Declaration Portal?

What’s the meaning of El-Kretsen’s codes?

How do I know which code to use?

How does it work with luminaires and light sources?

Should you declare a packet or individual batteries?

When you report the amount in kilos in the Declaration Portal, does this mean the weight of one unit or the weight of all the products?

Why do you need to report the weight of different products when you pay a fee per item?

Should I report the net weight (the weight of the product) or the total weight (of the product and its packaging)?

Should I declare the weight of the entire product or only of the electronics in it?

What happens to products with integrated batteries?

How do I measure the product size?

What is a WEEE category?


What is the environmental fee used for?

Returning WEEE

How does El-Kretsen ensure that the information stored in mobile phones, etc disappears when these are recycled?

What do you do with electronic products that still work and have second-hand value?